Sep 18, 2010


Kyle Bunting Hide Rugs are among the finest in the world. Made with hair-on-hide leather, their luxurious texture and sterling design have brought international attention and acclaim. Kyle Bunting can be specified in any design, color, and size for rug, wall covering and upholstery applications.

About Kyle
Kyle Bunting's passion is hide and the design potential of the material. Working exclusively in hide for almost a decade, his focus is the redefinition of how hide can be used in interior applications. His collection and studio work reflect his passion for the medium and the unlimited potential of his designs and technique.

About the company
With their groundbreaking collection, Kyle Bunting is redefining how hide is used in interior applications. Recognized foremost for their collection of luxury hide carpets and wall coverings, the company also supplies hides for architectural and upholstery applications. Since its inception, the company has completed thousands of projects for design professionals and private clients throughout the world.