Sep 8, 2010


A tremendous site and an owner with a contemporary minimalist vision and respect for the natural environment inspired the design of this home. Located on an acre plus site overlooking a golf course, the home is oriented toward the lake view. Careful attention is given to eliminate the view of adjacent homes from the interior of this house enhancing both the views out, as well as meeting the owners desire to have a "see-through home with a high level of privacy".

Features include rammedearth walls, extensive use of glass for taking in views, operable windows to allow the house "to breath", and a soaring roof form, clad in copper, that appears to float above the home. Landscaped courtyards to the east provide both privacy and promote outdoor living.

Arquitect: Kendle Design Collaborative
Landscape design: done in collaboration with Floor & Associates
Interior design: done in collaboration with Jack Wosniak