Aug 31, 2010


Gatto 1



Mihaela Ioana Atomei was born in Romania in 1971. She graduated at the Faculty of Plastic Arts at the University of Fine Arts in Iasi in 1998. The courses of this faculty have formed her as a drawer but the marriage with the painter Ghiga gave her the major contribution for the formation as a painter. In 2001 she painted her first work in this style, a remember of the Flemish art but with modern elements.

“The desire that pushes me to create my characters and atmosphere is the need to find the peace, the peace of mind, a certain passion the “home”, in the sense of family, has lost nowadays, being caught up in the rush to a better situation. In a way, I express in this way my refusal to accept things as they are, although I admit my impossibility to stop this madness. But maybe just for one second I succeed in transporting the spectators in my world.


Piazza San Marco 50, 30124 Venice (Italy) - Tel: +39 041 520 3021